About England in Canvas

Below are some of the key points of my photography/film career so far, which have enriched my life.

What is not to like about travelling to great places and taking photos. Having good equipment, and been in the right place, at the right time.

dartmouth harbour

I have worked in a studio with professional lighting, beauty dishes and various softboxes.

Also worked as a Director of Photography for a local film company, English Cinematic Pictures. Filming on sets, and creating their logo in editing software. And a portfolio of still images for their calendars and actors dress reference. A great experience.

I had a good year selling Dartmouth Harbour as a jigsaw on Amazon, finding out my other selections did not. Live and learn as they say.


Last year I passed a C.A.A based professional exam through UAV air to fly drones under 7kg. An Operation Manual is now required to finalise my compitence, this will be available soon. With a DJI Phantom 4pro we have a quality drone and camera.

I am happy to work for someone or do work as requested. If you are interested in using our services please get in touch via any contact resource.

The site has been put together by England in Canvas to ensure we can bring you new photos and an updated website on a regular basis.We look forward to seeing your comments, with the hope you will like a few photos and share the site with your friends.

Peter Wilson. Director of Photgraphy.

movie logo

Delve into the world of Dick Turpin and so much more. And a very talented Director, Dale Nichol. Click the location photo above to see the movie logo. And the title to see the website.

Picture courtesy of English Cinematic Pictures.